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My name is Brendan Kiu and I like creating compelling user experiences for people interacting with technology.

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Mobile Online Registration (mOLR)


Carnegie Mellon University's On-Line Registration (OLR) functions poorly in a mobile context and lacks integration with course information and availability modules.


For our final presentation in our Technical Communication for Computer Scientists course, our group presented a proposal for a mobile online registration system that integrated all necessary course tools into a slick, easy-to-use iPhone application.

What I Did

Application flow, interface design.



In our Basic Interaction Design course, we designed for busy mothers who find it difficult to be picking up kids, planning meals and involving the family in the process.


Mobile application that allows for choosing cuisine type and recipe, delegating preparation tasks to family members (via text message) and providing step-by-step cooking instructions.

What I Did

Interface design, worked with a group for application flow.



I wanted to find an alternate way of moving your mouse pointer that doesn't require your hands.


FacePoint was developed as a proof-of-concept project for a Human-Computer Interaction course that uses a webcam and OpenCV face detection to caclulate where a person's face (green circle) is in relation to a reference point (blue circle). The mouse is then moved in the appropriate direction accordingly. Clicking is acheived by a horizontal shake of the head.

What I Did

Application design, C++ development, OpenCV integration.

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Latreia Photography

Personal photography and video portfolio site for Maria Chang.

What I Did

Website design and implementation

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North Carolina Academy of Small Animal Medicine

Internet homepage and membership center of the North Carolina Academy of Small Animal Medicine. Includes member forum, event manager and content management system implemented in PHP.

What I Did

Website design and backend implementation in PHP and MySQL.

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Redefining Payment for the Visually Impaired

Website presenting the findings of our Master's in Human-Computer Interaction capstone project, where we teamed up with Bank of America to design a system to assist payment for the visually impaired. This website was especially challenging in making it easily accessible with screenreaders.

What I Did

Website implementation with HTML, CSS and jQuery.

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Jane's Chinese Homepage

Internet resource page for Jane, a Chinese teacher in North Carolina.

What I Did

Website design and implementation, along with integrating with a Wordpress backend.

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